LEMATEC CO., LTD found in 1987. With over 30 years of experience in designing, developing,

and fabricating air tools for many different industries such as automotive, metal fabrication, and

construction. Our product types include portable sandblasting guns, air filters, air regulators, tire

inflators, and air blow dusters.  LEMATEC is not only the traditional manufacturer of pneumatic

tools, but also can provide O B M, O E M, O D M service. For ODM, we can offer a one-stop

service to support designing, prototyping, and opening mold until mass production.




 Sandblaster for remove rust from Iron,
glass & mirror etching, Steel, and all
types of metals, renew the article and etch
the glass by sandblasting,
simple and quickly.

 For spray paint guns, air tools
or air line to trap or separator
extra waiter in air. Also has
desiccant dryer type of filter.
For spray paint guns, air tools
or air line to adjust pressure,
with dial and digital gauge
options, high accurate
and easy to use.